K. Qiang

“A Way Out”

Artist’s Statement

People would reflect what happened in reality into their own consciousness, forming a unique, individual imaginative world.  They may be twisted or exaggerated. My body of work explores the struggle of stepping out of my comfort zone.  Such a “small” thing as raising a hand in the class is an extreme challenge of overcoming fear, thus it becomes a battle, facing the distorted self as the enemy, who always laughs at the cowardly, pessimistic past. The door which represents courage is close at hand, but I exhausted all my strength to reach it, and the run will continue.

My artmaking practice has been influenced by the study and interpretation of the following artists and their artworks: sakanauosakana (DIE IN THE SEA), Li Shuyu (Undetectable Box) (False Memory) (Mobius), Ru Yiting (Alita’s Trial), Huang Xinyuan (Canon’s Murder).

Process Diary